Forest School Accredited Training Courses

Forest School Skills Open Award Level 1

This accredited course is aimed at individuals with little or no experience of working in the outdoors, and aims to build knowledge and confidence in the safe use of equipment and tools.

Over three days of the course you will:
  • Learn practical skills and activities to use with groups in an outside setting
  • Develop an understanding of managing risk and how to work safely in an outdoor setting
  • Learn about an indigenous woodland environment and its wildlife and how to minimize impact on the woodland environment
  • Portfolio completion will take place throughout the three days and handed in at the end of the course

Unit 1: Basic Forest Schools Practical Skills
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Recognise risk at Forest Schools
  • Recognise how Forest Schools can impact on the woodland environment
  • Safely carry out a range of practical tasks in a woodland setting

Unit 2: Introduction to Learning and Development at Forest Schools
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Recognise how Forest Schools can support an individual's learning and development
  • Identify appropriate experiences that support learning and development at Forest Schools
  • Participate in Forest Schools and understand ways of supporting the Forest Schools Practitioner

Portfolio marking and completion of qualification will take approximately 3 months from hand-in date. A certificate will then be sent from Open Awards.