Floristry School
The five week programme aims to encourage learning through participation and collaboration. By working in an alternative learning environment some students gain a sense of self-worth and belonging.

In addition to learning floristry skills, there will be a number of life skills and cross curricular skills addressed:-
  • Speaking and listening: working as a group; discussion work
  • Maths: shape sequencing; costing; measurements
  • Science: osmosis; habitats; flora identification; identification of flower parts; life cycles
  • Literacy: regular opportunities to talk, tell and share stories which is captured in individual diaries; the use of drama and art as a stimulus to develop sequencing and structuring ideas.

Practical Element

Key Skills

Table Arrangement

Agreeing group rules; collaboration; number; shape; introduce colour wheel

Wedding Flowers/Button Holes

discuss different traditions; looking at colour

Wedding Corsage

Building on previous week's discussions; identification of flower parts; costing; predictions

Equilateral/Flower Arrangement

Re-visit colour wheel; look at hot colours for fireworks/Diwali celebrations and other festivals

Bridesmaid's Posy

Consolidate previous skills; transferable skills; design an invitation