Music in the Woods


Sometimes children can find it difficult to express themselves, particularly those who are non-verbal. This is a programme which encourages young people of all abilities to communicate freely through music, in the woodland environment. By using music as a medium the pressure is removed for some vulnerable pupils.

Music in the Woods activities promote:

  • The establishment of a community, feeling like a special group and experiencing new friendships
  • Liberation by working as a team to make music
  • Losing inhibitions by experimenting with sounds e.g. animal noises in a big open space
  • Playing with 'one voice' by creating a sound that is made bigger by generating sound together e.g. drumming
  • Empowerment by being a musical 'leader'
  • Experimenting with natural materials to make sounds
  • Imagination and creativity without constraints
  • Turn taking and listening through song and music making
  • Meditation through calming songs and movement