Woodland Adventure Forest School Harrow Team

Jan Boresta

Jan has worked for Harrow Council for nineteen years and has had the opportunity of working for local schools in the borough. Whilst studying for her degree she had a placement in an outdoor education centre where she was introduced to the world of Forest School. She gained her degree and also qualified as a Forest School tutor. The training was put to use when she had the opportunity of working for Harrow Local Education Authority. There was a need for offering an alternative learning environment for some of the pupils in settings that she visited. Woodland Adventure, now in its third year offered the opportunity for young people to attend. The impact has proven to be successful and growth of the project is imminent. The success of the project is due to a proactive management team, staff and volunteers. Jan's personal aim is to enable and encourage access to the natural world to all sections of the community establishing safe boundaries and respect for their local environment.

Trish Moore

Trish is a volunteer at Woodland Adventure and has supported the Forest School for three years. She has recently achieved her National Open College Network award Level 1 training in Forest Schools. Trish is a valued member of the team and particularly enjoys creative activities in the woodland setting. She enjoys working out in all weathers and makes a wonderful cup of hot chocolate.

Sally Howard-Saunders.JPG

Sally is a Forest School tutor.

James Mercer

James is the Vicar of All Saints', Harrow Weald. He has always had a passion for things outdoors. James trained as a Geography teacher. Prior to training for ordination he was Hertfordshire Advisor for Environmental Education, with oversight of six environmental and outdoor education centres.

Jackie Vaz

Jackie has considerable experience working in primary and secondary schools and was a middle headteacher for a number of years. Since then Jackie has worked as the Family Learning Officer for Harrow and as an educational consultant and trainer in various boroughs. She has developed a number of out of school hours and parent support programmes. Jackie is committed to supporting young people with a variety of needs to learn in new ways and to the development of outdoor education.